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DCB Video

Video recording and live streaming sports, concerts, conferences and conventions.  Video documenting and post production. 

Photos, slides, film and tape digitizing.

(914) 350-3221


Services at DCB Video

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Single and Multi-Camera Productions

Our new mobile production system does it all.  Records and live streams to many different platforms.  It can include titles, prerecorded video clips, and patch into event site audio and video systems.
And don't forget instant replay for sports!

Media Transfer

VHS, 8mm, Hi-8 video are digitized as mp4 files.   8mm/Super8 films are scanned frame-by-frame to produce the clearest and sharpest image.  Scan and share your photos and slides too!

40 years in the business!

For a price quote, let me know the general details of your event or project.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Brewster, New York

(914) 350-3221

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